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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beast - Is it?

I'm back to creating or the feeling of creativity is tickling me.  It started with a call from a friend asking if I could make her son a Beast costume, from Beauty and the Beast.  Uh ... was my initial thought.  I didn't commit initially, but asked her to let me look into it.  Luckily, she asked me with plenty of time for me to say no and continue her search.  So, I explored what was involved, because I have never seen the movie!

Then, she advised he just wanted the cape, the pants and horns.  EASY!  I can whip that out! I'm in!

But THEN, just when I'm thinking I need to start this project - I received an e-mail - do you think you can make the jacket?  Whoa!  Call me was my response!  Again, I didn't commit, but promised the cape and pants, with a possible jacket at a later date.

But, after further exploration of Internet images and the like - I'm stoked!

So on my way home from work yesterday, I stopped at the fabric store to pick up fake fur.  Then, while walking my dog she and I were on texts; me giving her instructions on what measurements I needed and how to take it, and she text-ed back each measurement.  I can't imagine how she kept that poor child still during this process! Rewards kiddo, rewards will be yours.

Before bedtime, I was reading how to make a headdress and how to papier-mache claws.  I came across this kid's video, which was inspiring and gave me an additional idea!  I have to share it because he had me at "papier-mache recipe"! "How To Make Paper Mache Wolverine Claws"  I'm thinking of making "shoe covering" with fake fur and attach the claws, maybe using the video's suggestion, but I'm not making claws as long as in the video as I found another set of instructions for smaller claws.  Ambitious, I know.  See, creative tickling.

Will my Beast costume resemble my muse?  Will my skill set be taken to the limit? Let's create.

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