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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Beast is Adorable!

This is why I pulled over when I heard the notification on my phone indicate I had a text:

Wouldn't you?!

I will never forget getting his phone call almost immediately after the text to say, "I have been wanting this for Years!"  Then he hugged and kissed the phone.  And then, he sang to me a song from the Beauty and the Beast!  His VOICE!  Beautiful operatic voice!

I really had a lot of fun making this costume for my friend's 5 year old Cherub!  I will admit the piping tested my patience as I used a single bias fold gold crinkle.


Here are the costume pieces I made, sans the horns - I sent those without taking a pic.  It was also a surprise to him because he didn't know I was making horns!

Suit Jacket & Pants - Size 5

Vest ties in the back and is attached to dickie.

I do have to share that I hit the wall when my attempts to draw a pattern for flared cuffs FAILED - I know now it's EASY, but I didn't get there until @TheSewingStudio responded to my tweet with the answer: "Cut them like a circle skirt "  Geez, so easy!

On to the next project!