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Thursday, March 15, 2012

24 Years ago - A Gift

No doubt 2012 started off in the most heartbreaking way for my family. And these past weeks have been so difficult. I’m still going through it just one day at a time.
But March 15th marks a day that I will also never forget. I can Never forget! This day is just as cherished as it also involves Life and Death.
March 15th I honor Theo & his family! Theo is my anonymous donor and family who gave me the Gift of Life 24 years ago today. A 19 year old man passed away and, no doubt in the most sorrowful time for Theo's family, they unselfishly donated his organs so that others could have another chance to live Life.
My mind is flooded with my previous thought, I’ll share here again, and that is Dad didn’t give me the breath of life in 1963 but beginning later that year he did begin to give me the lessons of life and love and joy by being my Dad. Theo, even more profoundly, gave me the ultimate Gift of Life.  Affording me time, 24 extra years, to have learned even more lessons from Dad and certainly experience his Love and Joy. Thank You Theo.
I Pray for comfort for Theo’s family as they live through this 24th anniversary without Theo.

Give the Gift of Life. Be an Organ Donor.

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