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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Premature Nesting

Folks who know me will tell you that I HATE THE COLD.  Don’t get me wrong, Austin set a new record this Summer of 90 days of 100+ degree days. I WAS tired of that heat. But I still hate the cold. Okay, I take it you get that point.

But, the point I’m getting to is that temps are just into the mid to high 80’s now, and I find myself, yes, of course, hiking on the weekends, but already inundated with the projects I intend to begin my “nesting.”  See, I pretty much hibernate and gain my weight in the winter.  Ha! Texas Winter.   “What winter” you ask?  Well, it’s cold enough for this Texas Gal.

Mom taught me at 7 years old to crochet.  If you are a family member, you might remember either receiving or seeing these in Our kitchen.  I still have one left.  But this is the first thing she taught me to make.
Lily Crochet Design Book No. 62 Circa 1950
Mom's Signature Gift
But this week, just this week, after having one (1) costume to complete before the weekend, three (3) pairs of pants to hem for $, and due to a spurt of creativity last week, I swore I was finally inspired enough to try my hand at a doll I promised my cousin over a year ago, mind you I have never made a doll, I discovered – Irish Crochet AND Tambour Beading (click to see video that inspired me)! Both are forms of or use a form of crochet.  NOW, I want to forgo the costume, send off the pants for hemming, screw the doll and immerse myself in these new techniques I know nothing of except what I have learned through “Google” and “YouTube!

Along the way, in my research of Tambour Beading, or is it now “obsession,” this weekend lead me, diverted me, into reading about Haute Couture.  Granted, I enjoy a beautifully made garment.  So one of the books I picked up is Couture Sewing Techniques Revised and Updated, by Claire B. Shaeffer.  I watched videos also related to the “why Haute Couture” question.  I have had to streamline my thoughts to the realization that Haute Couture IS “Art.”  But, I have to say, & I’m happy to say so, I’m self-taught in sewing, seaming, creating, design and construction.  I have taught myself some intricate hand sewing techniques, as well as tried and true tailoring techniques, which I use in my own clothing construction as necessary.  While I might die before I can afford a $thousand$ dollars garment, when I look at ready to wear on the racks, I’m proud to know how to sew because if it came right down to it, I could sew a crooked seam just as I have seen on an Ann Taylor jacket.

Now, that I have unloaded that off my chest, back to my nesting.  Tambour Beading.  I’m not going to explain it here, Yet.  But if you Google or search on YouTube or simply click the links I've included, you’ll find examples of what I’m talking about.  Then, you tell me if that doesn’t just look darn beautiful!  I did try like heck to find a tambour holder and needle all around Austin this weekend, to no avail.  I have decided I will have to order the tools and book on-line.  So, I’m looking forward to devouring that knowledge once I bring it home.

Irish Crochet.  Same fine print here on details.  But this too has me quite excited, salivating to tackle.

AND I did add three (3) new books to my sewing library, as a result of my "research" AND which had nothing to do with either subject!

I’d say I’m ready for some cold weather about now.  Cold or not, I better get to that costume and pants hems this week!

               Just thinking “out loud.”