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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halt the Presses

Did you know November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month? 
I didn't know this until October 30th. 
     I was inspired to start my blog reading about all the lovely creations by all the creative people in cyber-world.  I jumped in.  My hope was (and is) to share my thoughts and creations for some souls throwing me the proverbial "bone" as in time reading about my creations.
    But October 30th came around and we learned Dad has Pancreatic Cancer.  So, all of a sudden, sharing my creations has taken a backseat to my need to support my Dad through and to the other side of this ugliness.
     I have begun immersing myself in the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network learning about diet, treatments, expectations, and reading stories of success.
     So, I'll have more to say soon because I'm keeping the hope that Dad will get through this; albeit, difficult, but back on his bike, riding 30 miles or is that minutes (?) every night as he did before his diagnosis.  Either way, at 70 years old, he rides more a week than I do.