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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post Election - Together America Wins

“America, I believe we can build on the progress we've made and continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunity and new security for the middle class. I believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea that if you're willing to work hard, it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. It doesn't matter whether you're black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America if you're willing to try.” President Barack Obama, Nov 6, 2012 Obama victory speech text, full transcript

I can and I want, to believe this from Any candidate, Any party who believes this – what I can’t do is embrace the piety of those folks who want to hang their hat on Freedom of Religion and then lambaste anyone who does not follow your religion!

This morning I have read the call for Texas to secede.  I have heard that single women voted b/c “some man left them in the lurch.” HUH, WTF?  And other nonsensical statements or thoughts.

It’s a shame that fellow Americans would rather “leave” than stay and work together for the country they purport to Love!  Well, I say if you want to leave, Go!  This Country needs people to work together to meet in the middle.  Not everyone will get their way – hell, we all don’t’ get our way in our own households, but each giving up a bit on their end to meet the other sides in the middle – that’s working hard,  that working together for America.

If you believe in your God, great, believe and worship and cherish, gather, sing his praises as you please.  You have the right to freedom of religion.  But so does anyone else who believes in any other religion or does not believe in any religion.  But if your God tells you “it’s my way or the highway,” then I say, pack up and Get the Fuck out! 

If you're willing to work hard, together, America needs you!

(PS, and I didn't intend for all CAPS.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Beast is Adorable!

This is why I pulled over when I heard the notification on my phone indicate I had a text:

Wouldn't you?!

I will never forget getting his phone call almost immediately after the text to say, "I have been wanting this for Years!"  Then he hugged and kissed the phone.  And then, he sang to me a song from the Beauty and the Beast!  His VOICE!  Beautiful operatic voice!

I really had a lot of fun making this costume for my friend's 5 year old Cherub!  I will admit the piping tested my patience as I used a single bias fold gold crinkle.


Here are the costume pieces I made, sans the horns - I sent those without taking a pic.  It was also a surprise to him because he didn't know I was making horns!

Suit Jacket & Pants - Size 5

Vest ties in the back and is attached to dickie.

I do have to share that I hit the wall when my attempts to draw a pattern for flared cuffs FAILED - I know now it's EASY, but I didn't get there until @TheSewingStudio responded to my tweet with the answer: "Cut them like a circle skirt "  Geez, so easy!

On to the next project!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beast - Is it?

I'm back to creating or the feeling of creativity is tickling me.  It started with a call from a friend asking if I could make her son a Beast costume, from Beauty and the Beast.  Uh ... was my initial thought.  I didn't commit initially, but asked her to let me look into it.  Luckily, she asked me with plenty of time for me to say no and continue her search.  So, I explored what was involved, because I have never seen the movie!

Then, she advised he just wanted the cape, the pants and horns.  EASY!  I can whip that out! I'm in!

But THEN, just when I'm thinking I need to start this project - I received an e-mail - do you think you can make the jacket?  Whoa!  Call me was my response!  Again, I didn't commit, but promised the cape and pants, with a possible jacket at a later date.

But, after further exploration of Internet images and the like - I'm stoked!

So on my way home from work yesterday, I stopped at the fabric store to pick up fake fur.  Then, while walking my dog she and I were on texts; me giving her instructions on what measurements I needed and how to take it, and she text-ed back each measurement.  I can't imagine how she kept that poor child still during this process! Rewards kiddo, rewards will be yours.

Before bedtime, I was reading how to make a headdress and how to papier-mache claws.  I came across this kid's video, which was inspiring and gave me an additional idea!  I have to share it because he had me at "papier-mache recipe"! "How To Make Paper Mache Wolverine Claws"  I'm thinking of making "shoe covering" with fake fur and attach the claws, maybe using the video's suggestion, but I'm not making claws as long as in the video as I found another set of instructions for smaller claws.  Ambitious, I know.  See, creative tickling.

Will my Beast costume resemble my muse?  Will my skill set be taken to the limit? Let's create.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

24 Years ago - A Gift

No doubt 2012 started off in the most heartbreaking way for my family. And these past weeks have been so difficult. I’m still going through it just one day at a time.
But March 15th marks a day that I will also never forget. I can Never forget! This day is just as cherished as it also involves Life and Death.
March 15th I honor Theo & his family! Theo is my anonymous donor and family who gave me the Gift of Life 24 years ago today. A 19 year old man passed away and, no doubt in the most sorrowful time for Theo's family, they unselfishly donated his organs so that others could have another chance to live Life.
My mind is flooded with my previous thought, I’ll share here again, and that is Dad didn’t give me the breath of life in 1963 but beginning later that year he did begin to give me the lessons of life and love and joy by being my Dad. Theo, even more profoundly, gave me the ultimate Gift of Life.  Affording me time, 24 extra years, to have learned even more lessons from Dad and certainly experience his Love and Joy. Thank You Theo.
I Pray for comfort for Theo’s family as they live through this 24th anniversary without Theo.

Give the Gift of Life. Be an Organ Donor.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nite Time - Turned into Morning

And my eyes are wide as saucers. It’s strange but to sleep feels like I'm losing time with my dad on this earth, even though I'm still 75 miles away from him.

He was so brave when I spoke with him tonight.  He told me "Don't cry for me! I could've been gone 20 years ago, but we had the past 20, isn't that something?!" I told him I still had things planned for us I wanted to do. And he said, "Mija, you do them. That's life. You go and do them for us." I asked him if he was in pain, he said, exclaimed, "No! Isn't that wonderful? No pain at all."

I think I cried half this much when I learned I lost my own health 20 years ago.

It is said that you can pick you friends but you can't pick your family. Well, I am very proud to say that someone very special chose me to be part of their family. My Dad married my mom when I was only eight months old.  My Dad chose me to be his daughter.

Dad gave me so much in life.  Perhaps not Life itself, but when he married my mom, he made a choice to be my Dad and from then on life's teachings, joy, safety, direction, goals, yep, whippings, okay, maybe 1 whipping; but the influences of my Life involve this wonderful man I have the privilege of calling my Dad.  For fun, I'd call him Papi, but in all seriousness, My Daddy.

I honor my Dad in professing that I would choose my Dad, Sam Rubio, to be my Dad 10+ lifetimes over!

Today, we learned treatment is not beating the pancreatic cancer that has invaded his body.  We are told he is to begin Hospice care tomorrow, well, today.

I’m driving to be with my Daddy tomorrow to begin Hospice.

But, I want to go fishing with my Dad this summer!

I want to ride on the ranch in the ranch truck and count the deer, and exclaim, “whoa, did you see that fox!” when we see a fox. 

God's Country

And feed the fish in the pond, or set the snares for critters or hog pens for the wild boar, and fill the deer feeders.  And bait the Antler traps with alfalfa. 
Antler traps

I want to make him breakfast, and then make him a yummy dinner and Banana pudding, his favorite, for dessert.  Then, hear him say, “that was great.”  (That just made me smile.)  I want to watch the Australian and French Open, like we so often did when I strategically took vacation days to spend with him on the ranch – to watch tennis!

 I want to watch him play fetch w/Belle in the pond; wearing my dog out such that we make it back to the house and she sleeps in the dirt.  I want to sit on the porch with dad and just watch … watch whatever is in front of us.

Dad's Front Porch
I’m so glad that we rode the Livestrong Challenge in 2010, he was 69 years old.  He left me behind, but then waited for me to catch up so we could ride through the finish together.

We lost Mom a year earlier.  She went peacefully in her sleep.  He really missed her ever since.

I’m so happy that I invited and he accepted to accompany me to Davis Cup, USA v Spain here in Austin in June 2011.  HE LOVED IT!

1st Day - DAVIS CUP
But instead, I am going to be there to support Dad through hospice beginning in a few hours.

My Dad
I turn 49 next month.  Dad, you will always be my Daddy.  I Love You.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Halt the Presses

Did you know November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month? 
I didn't know this until October 30th. 
     I was inspired to start my blog reading about all the lovely creations by all the creative people in cyber-world.  I jumped in.  My hope was (and is) to share my thoughts and creations for some souls throwing me the proverbial "bone" as in time reading about my creations.
    But October 30th came around and we learned Dad has Pancreatic Cancer.  So, all of a sudden, sharing my creations has taken a backseat to my need to support my Dad through and to the other side of this ugliness.
     I have begun immersing myself in the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network learning about diet, treatments, expectations, and reading stories of success.
     So, I'll have more to say soon because I'm keeping the hope that Dad will get through this; albeit, difficult, but back on his bike, riding 30 miles or is that minutes (?) every night as he did before his diagnosis.  Either way, at 70 years old, he rides more a week than I do.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Premature Nesting

Folks who know me will tell you that I HATE THE COLD.  Don’t get me wrong, Austin set a new record this Summer of 90 days of 100+ degree days. I WAS tired of that heat. But I still hate the cold. Okay, I take it you get that point.

But, the point I’m getting to is that temps are just into the mid to high 80’s now, and I find myself, yes, of course, hiking on the weekends, but already inundated with the projects I intend to begin my “nesting.”  See, I pretty much hibernate and gain my weight in the winter.  Ha! Texas Winter.   “What winter” you ask?  Well, it’s cold enough for this Texas Gal.

Mom taught me at 7 years old to crochet.  If you are a family member, you might remember either receiving or seeing these in Our kitchen.  I still have one left.  But this is the first thing she taught me to make.
Lily Crochet Design Book No. 62 Circa 1950
Mom's Signature Gift
But this week, just this week, after having one (1) costume to complete before the weekend, three (3) pairs of pants to hem for $, and due to a spurt of creativity last week, I swore I was finally inspired enough to try my hand at a doll I promised my cousin over a year ago, mind you I have never made a doll, I discovered – Irish Crochet AND Tambour Beading (click to see video that inspired me)! Both are forms of or use a form of crochet.  NOW, I want to forgo the costume, send off the pants for hemming, screw the doll and immerse myself in these new techniques I know nothing of except what I have learned through “Google” and “YouTube!

Along the way, in my research of Tambour Beading, or is it now “obsession,” this weekend lead me, diverted me, into reading about Haute Couture.  Granted, I enjoy a beautifully made garment.  So one of the books I picked up is Couture Sewing Techniques Revised and Updated, by Claire B. Shaeffer.  I watched videos also related to the “why Haute Couture” question.  I have had to streamline my thoughts to the realization that Haute Couture IS “Art.”  But, I have to say, & I’m happy to say so, I’m self-taught in sewing, seaming, creating, design and construction.  I have taught myself some intricate hand sewing techniques, as well as tried and true tailoring techniques, which I use in my own clothing construction as necessary.  While I might die before I can afford a $thousand$ dollars garment, when I look at ready to wear on the racks, I’m proud to know how to sew because if it came right down to it, I could sew a crooked seam just as I have seen on an Ann Taylor jacket.

Now, that I have unloaded that off my chest, back to my nesting.  Tambour Beading.  I’m not going to explain it here, Yet.  But if you Google or search on YouTube or simply click the links I've included, you’ll find examples of what I’m talking about.  Then, you tell me if that doesn’t just look darn beautiful!  I did try like heck to find a tambour holder and needle all around Austin this weekend, to no avail.  I have decided I will have to order the tools and book on-line.  So, I’m looking forward to devouring that knowledge once I bring it home.

Irish Crochet.  Same fine print here on details.  But this too has me quite excited, salivating to tackle.

AND I did add three (3) new books to my sewing library, as a result of my "research" AND which had nothing to do with either subject!

I’d say I’m ready for some cold weather about now.  Cold or not, I better get to that costume and pants hems this week!

               Just thinking “out loud.”